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Private Investigations Bolton

Private Detective Bolton provides investigation services spread on a very broad spectrum you can pick one of our service as per your need and desire , we provide versatile services which are designed for common people as well as small to large corporate like matrimonial service and corporate investigation service.

Are you concerned about your spouse faithfulness? Or you are wondering to know insights about some with whom you are indulged in online dating? If you lead a corporation and want to keep an eye on your employees? Then definitely you need our services , all of your investigatory needs can be fulfilled here.

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Bolton Private Investigations

We were contacted by a man who had been noticing that his wife had been spending a lot of time at her sister's house and less and less time with him. This had been upsetting our client as it had meant that his wife had stopped wanting to spend time with him and the client had no idea what had triggered this change. He decided he needed our help to find out what had been happening. The client was told that we would bet able to help him by finding him answers. Our client needed our help as he had not been sleeping as so much stress had been building up as he had been worrying so much that his wife no longer loved him. He explained to us that he was beginning to think that his wife was seeing someone else as her appearance had been changing more and more over the last few weeks. We told the client that we could help him by organising two of our operatives to go out and complete three six hour sessions of surveillance on the clients wife when she goes out to see that she is actually going to her sisters and is not seeing someone she should not be.

Private Investigations in Bolton

We also explained that our private detectives would secretly take photographic and video evidence of the whole session from the safety of their hidden location. The client was very happy with our recommendation and once we had told him all the costs and all of our terms and conditions involved in completing the investigation and he had agreed with them we were able to get started with our work. By talking to our client he had told us that he felt better about his situation as we had given him the confidence he needed to get his life back on track.

When our three six hour sessions of surveillance had come to an end on we had found out that the client's wife had been seeing a mystery man instead of going to her sister's. When we showed the photographic and video evidence to our client we found out that the mystery man was the client's wife's boss. The evidence we had collected from one session of surveillance had shown the clients wife entering a hotel with her boss and then an hour later coming out and going to a restaurant round the corner. Another session showed the client's wife going shopping with her boss on her lunch break and then they went to the wife's boss's home until they had to go back to work, a similar incident then happened during the last session of surveillance but it was not during a lunch time but after work. The client was very happy that we could help him by finding all of the evidence to prove that his wife was being unfaithful as it had given him the confidence that he needed to be able to confront his wife. When he confronted his wife they ended up getting into a massive fight as she soon moved out and this allowed our client to move on with his life.