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Fraud affects more and more people worldwide. Bolton fraud investigations know that their job is being made increasingly difficult, due in part to everything being done 'on line'. Bolton private investigators question our willingness to give out so much detail to a face less stranger. If something seems too good to be true, then it probably is. You can be your own private eye and not get sucked in.

Fraud investigations Bolton know how tempting a lot of online offers are. Fraudsters are becoming more sophisticated in the methods they use. Have you sent off for something and still waiting for the item to materialise? In Bolton, our private detectives and investigators have the expertise to help you .

Bolton Fraud Investigations

Complaints about online scams continue to rise at an alarming rate. Brighton fraud investigations never cease to be amazed at how many people continue to be duped despite the warnings. Using a private detective in Bolton is the first step to uncovering a scam. Fraudsters use a variety of tricks to get your attention and leave you convinced that' this one isn't a way to lose your money!' Our Brighton investigations team have investigated a range of spam emails from auction opportunities, phishing, online ads, work from home and 'congratulations you have won ...' These are all designed to draw you into the fraudsters little scheme to con you. If all the claims were genuine then surely everyone would be rich and lounging by the pools of their overseas retirement properties? A sobering thought but one private investigation companies find people never think about before being scammed.

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Fraud Investigations in Bolton

A business client of Private Detective Bolton in the design department of a high end magazine company want to know which one of their employees is selling off ideas from their monthly mag. The client told our Bolton private investigator that they first suspected that one of their employees was selling off ideas when their monthly magazine came out and it was almost identical to that of their rival. Ever since then, every month the two magazines have the same alike spread. The client needs to stop it quickly. Our Bolton detectives told the client that we would be able to do a lie detector on the three main suspects they had gathered. All three would have to agree to the test to be able to test them all; however the ones who give consent can still do the test. The test would be an hour and at the end of the hour the result should be in, allowing the client to see who it is.

The client agreed that our private investigators in Bolton should carry out the lie detector test on the three suspected employees. The three suspects were the art designer, the photographer and one of the editors. Conveniently for the client all three employees agreed to do the test. The test was set; the client had written up some questions that they wanted to be asked. The photographer went first and did not seem too nervous to go in; when he came out of the test he was told he could go back to work as it was not him. Next up was one of the magazine's editors, she seemed to feel ill when she went into the test but she came out allowed to go back to work again. The third and final employee left was the art designer who seemed like a guilty man on trial. Our private investigation showed that the editor had, in fact, worked for the rival magazine before she came to them and had failed to inform them. She was being paid by both magazines. She was giving our client's rival information, in the hope that our clients magazine would fold and she would be taken back in a higher paid role on her return.