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Private Detective Bolton, among numerous services it provides, allows its clients to hire the agency for the purpose of performing lie detector tests. Sometimes, the circumstances call for it, and when there is no other way of extracting the information that is solid and truthful, a polygraph test is the only way.

There can be many reasons one would hire Private Detective Bolton if they want to take lie detector test. It can happen when an individual is wrongfully accused of something they haven't done and the only way they can clear their name is by taking a lie detector test, hoping that the results will prove their innocence.

Bolton Lie Detector Test

A lie detector test or polygraph test can be carried out within the comfort of your own home or in a location of your choice. The test will take between 2 - 3 hours and will be taken by our highly professional and certified examiners. A lie detector test is around 94% accurate and relies on taking readings of physiological responses from the body, such as, blood pleasure, respiration, pulse and skin conductivity. At Private Detective Bolton we can offer you a professional lie detector test carried out by a certified examiner at a cost effective price. Polygraph tests can be taken if you believe you are innocent in a situation where you have been accused or by a consenting person who you believe could be lying such as infidelity, adultery, theft and cheating. Private Detective Bolton have helped many people over the 25 years that we have been in the business to get to the truth in a myriad of different situations.

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Lie Detector Test in Bolton

The client of Private Detective Bolton is a middle aged female woman who has complained that her fellow business partner has been keeping 20% of her income. This was first suspected when the client noticed she needed money desperately and found less money in her bank account even though she had not spent any of it since she had been working. The client first thought of her business partner to be the suspect when she noticed he would walk into work with fancy things and was able to afford and buy a bit more expensive gifts for himself. As the client confronted him about it, he quickly denied it and said these new gifts were just assets to him and had never like to flash them or wear them in public till now. He defended himself a lot whenever she brought the subject up, even though he words were quick and sharp.

The client could not help thinking that he was to defensive and he was under the impression of lying. We told the client that it is possible to use a lie detector to see whether her business partner is not guilty or is indeed a lyre and a thief. A lie detector will test for physiological charges considered to be associated with lying. It took the lie detector an hour to give us the results, but as the results came through we could see that the clients business partner is indeed guilty of taking 20% of her income and using it to be able to afford and flash new and expensive things like watches and shoes. The client was thrilled with the results proving she was right but also to see what her business partner was really like and able to be paid back the money that he had spent.