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Our PC forensics department at Private Detective Bolton agency has some of the most qualified and experienced private investigators which specialize in it. Using their extensive knowledge of computers, they are able or solve a wide spectrum of problems that our clients require them to solve when they contact us.

Having your PC crash in the middle of an important project, with a tight deadline approaching quickly, is an extremely stressful and unpleasant experience. Our agency, Private Detective Bolton can help you by getting your computer to work again, while keeping all of the essential data on the computer intact.

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We were contacted by a woman who needed our help after she had clicked on a pop-up by accident and it then spread many more pop-ups over her computer screen so she can no longer use her computer as the pop-ups are preventing her from accessing her data. The client desperately needed our help to get rid of all the unwanted pop-ups as she need her computer to be able to work but she was being prevented from doing what she needed to do. Our client was losing her mind as she had not been able to contact her friends online and her boss was growing more and more impatient as she was late handing in her work. She needed our services desperately as she was making herself ill from the stress of everything which was not good so we reassured the client that we would do everything possible to save her.

PC Forensics in Bolton

The client was told that we could help her by forensically testing her computer to find how to shut down the pop-ups and destroy them so it prevents anymore inconveniences happening to her. We also suggested to the client that we could install anti-virus software onto her computer and that she should backup all of her data in the future to prevent the same problems from arising. We explained to our client that she would have to send her computer into our office were we would then be able to start the work and that it would take no more than a week to complete. Our client was very happy with the services that we suggested to her and after we were 100% sure that she understood all the costs involved in completing the investigation and all of our terms and conditions we were then able to begin are work saving both our clients computer and job.

When our work had come to an end we had successfully shut down the virus and then destroyed it so that the client would once again be able to use her computer and everything in it. Our help had given our client her life back as it meant that she could get all of her work done and hand it in so she could keep her job and not be fired, this then reassured her and help her to regain her peace of mind to allow her to sleep well at night. We also were able to install the anti-virus software which would act as a defence against future attacks on her data and the client also followed our advice and regularly backs up her data. The source of the virus was also found when we were looking through the clients computer as they had been stupid and had left evidence that lead us to them. We gave the evidence to the police were they are now tracking them down so they can punish them and also stop them from causing havoc on people's computers. The client's boss also thanked us for the service that we provided as it meant that we stopped the viruses from potentially spreading.