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Private Detective Bolton employee monitoring know that lost hours in the work place is an area of growing cost and concern to employers. Bolton employee monitoring can advise and help you with the most cost effective way to work out who is costing you money for illegitimate reasons. Their experience in employee monitoring in Bolton will stand you in good stead.

It is becoming increasingly expensive to run a company so make sure that you are not a target of time theft and property theft within your workforce. Bolton detectives know that it is becoming increasingly difficult to catch the perpetrators. With our private investigation services team's experience in this field we can save you money and time.

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The only way to successfully establish which of a client's staff members were being non productive was to place one of Private Detective Bolton female Bolton private investigators to join the workforce as a temp. It very soon became apparent that the ring leader was very proud of her ability to steal work time and was not afraid to boast about it to our under cover private eye. Taking an extra five minutes at coffee and tea break, longer loo breaks and going to the sick bay with headaches were only the start to her not working to the hours she was contracted to. The experience our private investigator gained in the workplace gave her first hand knowledge to pass onto her colleagues in the private investigations team. Her teacher was duly reprimanded by our client and is now looking for other employment.

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Employee Monitoring in Bolton

A client of Private Detective Bolton is an owner of a fast-food stall in a shopping centres food court. The client suspects that his employees are eating meals from the stand and are not paying for them. The client wants to know if their reason the stock amount does not match up with what the computers says it should. He has also had complaints of them talking to each other and eating food instead of serving customers. We told the clients that we could set up a single period of six hour surveillance with one of Our highly trained private detectives; our investigators are mostly from ex-military or ex-police backgrounds. This surveillance would result in knowing whether or not if the employees are eating the food, talking to each other and going on their phones instead of tending to the customers. He has had enough of them, if they are making him lose money they are fired.

The client was so happy to finally have a chance at catching his employees out. The surveillance began at nine thirty am as that was half an hour after the stall opened and the shopping centre was busy so the detectives could mingle in the crowd. One Bolton detective took some video and photographic images for the client showing his employees on their phones and chatting, the queue was getting bigger and full of customers and the boys did nothing but ignore them. The queue gently died down and the client was losing money fast, the complaint box at the side was overflowing with little pieces of paper with everyone's complains. The client was outrage and showed the evidence to his employees who just acted like children and could not believe they were followed and did not even know it. The client fired the two employees because of their gross misconduct.