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Matrimonial Investigations in Bolton are the company to call to find out the truth about your suspicions. We have over 25 years experience in finding the truth and hiring a private detective in Bolton will help to stop the sleepless nights. Pick up the phone now and speak to a member of Matrimonial Investigations Bolton.

Using state of the art technology the most effective private eye Bolton has available will discreetly and efficiently investigate your partner or spouse. Bolton Matrimonial Investigations work with you and our dedicated staff will find out whether they are cheating or not. Don't let your health suffer through worry. Hire a private detective today.

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Bolton Matrimonial Investigations

Private Detective Bolton where contacted by a woman who had lately become very suspicious of her husband. This was due to his change in behaviour over the last couple of months. She told our Private Detective Bolton that her husband had been coming home from work later and later smelling of alcohol and woman's perfume. We where also informed that her husband had been very protective of his phone and laptop. The client explained that her husband would get very defensive when ever she quizzed him about his behaviour. Tired of the constant fighting she starting pretending that she knew nothing to avoid the tedious conflict. We where told that if she did get divorced her two young children needed to grow up knowing the truth about their mother and father and not some lie the clients husband would most likely make up to show how he was the good guy.

Matrimonial Investigations in Bolton

To help our client our professional private investigator agency suggested that we could send out two of our Bolton investigators to follow the clients husband over three six hour sessions of surveillance. We explained to the client that during these sessions we would take both video and photographic evidence of everything that happens during the time our Bolton private investigators are watching him. The client could then use this evidence to prove to her children and the court that he is actually the bad guy in the relationship and not the good guy that he had been making himself out to be. Once we made sure that the client knew the costs involved in the investigation and our terms and conditions we where able to start the investigation to find the answers our client deserved.

Once our private investigation had come to an end we found that the clients husband had been seeing a new woman. On the three nights that we followed the clients husband, we found that he had been leaving work at normal time and then had been meeting up with a mystery woman in the pub down the road from his office. This is why he had been smelling differently. On the third night the woman and the client's husband walked to the woman's house where they stayed for an hour until the clients husband came out alone and walked home. During the whole time we took photographic and video evidence which we then gave to our client so she could divorce her husband easily, due to the adulterous act her husband had committed. The client was very thankful for our work as it meant that she could make sure that her children would grown up knowing the truth about her and her soon to be ex-husband and also it meant that she could move on to the next chapter in her life.